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We support your projects with the following services

Multiple services, one goal: our customer’s satisfaction. Inventio’s services comply with the customer’s demands.

Research & Analysis

Market-oriented concepts, savings, added value, stability, profitability are the keywords which play a decisive role for our investors.

Marketing & Sales

We determine the appropriate advertising agency in accordance with the agreed content standards. We coordinate all processes until the final communication concept.

Project development

Together with renowned architects, we coordinate the project development. An architectural competition will be advertised.

Product definition

Working with renowned architects, we develop the project framework data. The product will be designed based on market research data. In addition to the perfect mix of apartment and room sizes, the architectural language is significantly responsible for the project’s success.

Special request management

In order to meet any special requirements by our customers, we work thematically with our selected partners. Pre-selected Sampling lines will keep the cost of the project developer as low as possible, as well as equally meeting the needs and desires of the customers.

Project Coordination

A blueprint committee will be formed together with the property developer and – where applicable – the investor.

Managing directors

Tilo Hellinger – Managing Partner


Tilo Hellinger is born in Leipzig in 1970. He studies economy at the Technical University Leipzig and he deepens his knowledge in the areas of residential trade and real estate industry as well as in civic engineering management at the University of Leipzig. He finishes his studies in 1996 with the degree of a Diplomkaufmann. He starts as real estate consultant at Hypo-Immobilien-Service GmbH. Later on he changes to the Real Estate Center of the Deutsche Bank, where he works as an expert for property and real estate assessment, before he assumes the leadership of the real estate marketing department Berlin / Neue Bundesländer (East German federal states) for the HVB Immobilien GmbH / Planethome AG.


In 2003 he becomes authorized representative and leader of the branch office of the housing constructor Premier Deutschland GmbH in Berlin. Two years later he moves to Munich, and assumes the management of Concept Bau Premier GmbH, the holding company of Premier Deutschland GmbH. Concept Bau Premier GmbH belongs to the French Les Nouveaux Contructeurs SA. As responsible manager for Germany he accompanies the going public of the French mother company in the end of 2006.


In 2004 he successfully completes his degree as real estate economist (ebs) at the European Business School. In the field of private home real estate he passes through all possible stations: from marketing and sales to evaluation and all the way to project development and investment consulting.


In 2009 he bundles his competences and multiple experiences in the field of real-estate and launches as associate the company Inventio Projectpartner GmbH in Munich.



We know what counts: individuality, innovation, impulse


Innovation in terms of new ideas and thoughts are an essential part of Inventio’s corporate philosophy. It is our aim to convince our customers by means of imaginativeness, expert knowledge as well as intelligent concepts. We look back on solid and comprehensive market expertise, well-founded research knowledge and many years of professional experience and yet are open to new ideas. Since we believe that the key to success is always also a new thought, a new route, a new impulse.

We move what’s relevant: individualization, architecture and sustainability


 We achieve optimal results for our customers and partners by applying integral solutions and an economic approach. We thereby draw upon four columns on which Inventio’s corporate philosophy is based:

Individualization of housing concepts/living arrangements

Development of a distinctive and significant architecture

Focusing on sustainability and environmental protection

Taking the demographic change process into consideration

Individualization of living arrangements



Not the search for mere living space, but the unique product defines the market. We commit ourselves to finding the one product for our customers and partners that suits their wishes, their imagination, their needs.  Individualism is spelled in capital letters and expresses itself in flexible footprints that allow freedom of design, depending on the individual design for life.  Extras like split levels, high ceiling heights, high-quality wellness areas, distinctive sanitarian concepts and individual interior details define our products. This turns a real estate object into a personal living space.

Entwicklung unverwechselbarer und aussagekräftiger Architektur


Architektur muss unverwechselbar und qualitativ hochwertig sein. Mittels Architektur können Bauwerke geschaffen werden, die Zeichen setzen. Einzigartigkeit und das Besondere schaffen Identifikation mit der Immobilie und prägen die Kompetenz des Projektentwicklers. Komplexe Erfordernisse an die Architektur, Berücksichtigung individueller Kundenvorstellungen, hochwertige Materialien, wirtschaftliche Machbarkeit, strikte Kostenkontrolle oder enge Terminvorgaben sind unsere Herausforderung.

Mit Kreativität und Raumgefühl verwandeln wir Räume in individuelle Lebensträume.

Sustainability and protection of the environment


Saving our climate is a public issue. Innovative ideas are in high demand. We take on responsibility for our environment and focus on longevity, stable value, sustainability. Working on our projects, we strive to interact with nature and allow re-use of resources. Next to solar concepts, our aspired approach comprises alternative heating methods like heat pumps, geothermal energy and last but not least increased insulation value, that help fulfilling KfW 55 or 70 criteria. Purchasing construction material, we already mind ecological criteria. We consistently take heed of sustainability, starting by using sustainable resources all the way to applying environmental friendly colours and dissolvers.

We thereby clearly commit to the ecological criteria catalogue of the city of Munich.

It is our obligation to pass on an environment worth living in to our subsequent generations.

Taking the demographic change into consideration


We take into consideration the change in our society, the raised individual health awareness, the increase in ecological thinking and the effects of globalization. More and more people live in cities, the number of single households is rising, and our society is rapidly aging. As a result of this development, new demands on our living conditions are arising: the desire for more comfort and the need for improved functionality and handling. Barrier-free construction, handicapped accessible apartments, emergency call and security concepts, access to services, spacious parking spaces or electric entrance systems are necessities that move into the spotlight.

We believe architecture has to adjust to the changing living spaces


Good architecture goes further than the maxim:  „form follows function”. It is an expression of the continuously changing living surroundings of the modern man. We see the social and demographic change as a challenge. Changed values, newly established life designs and approaches to life point creativity into a completely new direction.

We work with a symbol that expresses our holistic approach


For us, thinking „green” without restrictions while employing technical progress or improving the quality of life is a engine for progress. Therefore, Inventio’s logo displays the motive of the split-levels. It stands for innovation, sustainability and consistency. We consider this element to be essential in order to live up the expectations of our customers and partners as well as of our time.


The consequent demands, the well-being and increased comfort of the occupant define our actions. We create living spaces.


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The images on our website were partly provided by our partner architct’s offices.


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Inventio provides advice and support in transactional matters, drawing on many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the market for institutional investors.

Our Service / Your Benefit


We accompany our customers in the process of finding their own real estate property.

Prerequisite for the successful construction of a house are competent experts. From the first minute on up to the handover of the keys, diverse know-how from various areas like building ground, architecture, statics and finance is demanded.

We are on our customer’s side: Individual demands and needs call for special services. Multiple questions and/ or lack of expertise demand clear and open answers. Anyone planning a private home needs specific services that extend over the entire process.

We secure or purchase realty in selected and preferred housing locations.


We design individual architect-designed houses or exclusive owner-occupied apartments according to our customers’ wishes.


We develop the perfect floor plan and the desired furnishing together with our customer and the architect.


We implement all guidelines to our customer’s best interest – since he decides on time and budget.


Inventio offers competent and qualified services from a single source – from the initial building consulting to analysis and planning all the way to the handover of the keys.

Berlin and Munich

Our focus currently lies on the metropolitan areas Berlin und Munich

Inventio Projectpartner GmbH operates two sites in Germany: Berlin and Munich.


Transaction consulting: regionally and supra-regionally

In the field of transaction consulting for investors, Inventio is also active supra-regionally. The company currently accompanies

the development of portfolios with projects in Berlin, Potsdam, München, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Köln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Ingolstadt, Augsburg, Nürnberg und Leipzig.

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