We, 6B47 Germany, with headquarters in Düsseldorf and offices in Berlin and Munich, are a subsidiary of 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG, Vienna.

We have been developing high-quality real estate in special locations in Germany since 2008. Our focus is on new construction and rehabilitation projects in the areas of residential and office real estate, as well as hotel developments.

Our latest projects include the recently completed IN Tower in Ingolstadt, the LITE Berlin in Europacity as well as the office building in Heinrich-Heine-Allee 20/22 in the heart of Düsseldorf.






Kai-Uwe Ludwig
6B47 Germany GmbH
Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung

Mr Ludwig, what went through your mind the first time you visited the so-called Tannhof property?

It was a real “wow” effect – after all, the property looks very much like a park.  My team and I immediately knew: we definitely wanted to seize the opportunity to develop a high-quality residential project in this unique location. Proximity to the city centre, beautiful natural surroundings and high recreational value – that’s quite exceptional. As a project developer, one does not often encounter such opportunities – and there is hardly another place in Munich that offers such a unique combination.  This makes Will N° 16 even more of an affair of the heart.

Tannhof is a property with a long history. How did this flow into the design?

With a property steeped in tradition like Tannhof, you as a project developer must act responsibly. Thus, it was our vision from the very beginning to realise a high-quality, modern residential ensemble, but at the same time preserve the park-like character of the property as well as historic elements like the entrance gate. So, on the one hand we wanted to erect a monument to the original Tannhof, the much-vaunted family estate designed by Max Neumann in 1914 for his wealthy client, and on the other hand we wanted to offer future residents a high level of quality, aesthetics and privacy. I am convinced that we managed both excellently in collaboration with the architects of blocher partners.


Why is the preservation of nature on the property so important to you? As far as urban architecture is concerned, this is a rather positive exception.

In the case of Will N° 16, the preservation of nature has been an important maxim right from the start because we wanted a green residential oasis right in the middle of an urban area. The abundance of old trees exudes serenity and grandeur, which is something you hardly find in the Munich city area anymore – and we want to preserve this unspoilt nature so that it can be experienced in its natural state. The modern architecture of our project takes up this guiding principle and impressively demonstrates that nature, urbanity and contemporary living are perfectly reconcilable.


Let’s talk about the embedding in the environment. From your point of view, what makes the location of the property in Harlaching so special?

Harlaching is an urban area, but being a garden city it also has its own identity and offers its residents a high quality of life. Marienplatz is nearby, and Lake Starnberg and Lake Tegernsee are within easy reach. The Isar meadows and its hiking trails have been popular excursion destinations and recreation areas for a long time. What I like in particular are the history and the organically evolved structure of the district. The villa colony and Menterschwaige Estate convey a very special charm. Today, Harlaching is a place that harmoniously combines history, nature, modern living and a high quality of living. When you speak to the locals, you quickly realise how strongly they identify with their district in a most pleasant way.


You broached the topic of privacy for future residents of Will N° 16. Why is this so important to you?

A project like Will N° 16 should be oriented around the requirements of people, not the other way around. People are at the heart of what we do. The matter of “privacy” is becoming increasingly important in cities.  Life is becoming faster and more interactive all the time. That’s why we need retreats and recreational spaces that offer a high degree of privacy. At Will N° 16, we achieve this with the staggered cubature of the buildings and the detached house character.  In combination with the lush green surroundings, this makes an important contribution to improving the quality of life. This shows: project development must be based on values. That’s why I’m really looking forward to the end result: a value-based and value-oriented Will N° 16.

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